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"JK The Bistro" is our dream come true. My wife Gloria and I were always  thinking on expanding the business in a place where we could give our  guests a wider option of services in food and accommodations. We are not  originally from Chicago, but we are in the business of preparing the most  popular food from chicago for almost 6 years now. We start our journey  when we took over Nick's Chicago Hot dogs in 2008 ( two years later we  changed the name to JK's ) , without knowing much about the business, we  learned from Joseph (Nick's previous owner) most of the good technics of  preparing a good hot dogs Chicago style and the best Italian Beef sandwich. Through the months, we got more knowledge about the different kinds of hotdogs toppings, and  improved the food quality and service. "JK Chicago dogs" is a small place (A whole in the wall,  most of our guests say) limited just to host no more that 20 people at a time, but everybody  loves it. Taking over The Bistro, gives us the opportunity to offer to our regular and new  customers an extended choice of food selection and accommodations for a larger group of  people. We are very happy to extend our invitation to all of our loyal and new customers to visit  us in this our second location "JK The Bistro" to enjoy the place and food, and of course the  good service. Thank you very much to allowing us to be part of your lifes, we'll be more than pleased to serve  you. Gloria and Carlo JK The Bistro  


JK THE BISTRO - 900-B Pat Booker, Universal City, TX,  Phone: (210) 658 2200

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11:00am - 8:30pm
Chicago’s favorite food and more ! The menu is a selection of the most popular food from  Chicago. All beef hot dogs Chicago style, NY. Coney Island,  Italian Beef Sandwich, Gyros sandwich, Hamburgers and  Salads.
Hot dogs Chicago Style